Scaredy Squirrel Wiki

Scaredy Orville Squirrel is the main protagonist of the series of the same name. He got a quirky and if-not-excited personality. He is loosely based on a character of the same name from a book series created by Mélanie Watt. He is best friends with a plant named Richard and skunk named David. Scaredy lives in his acorn house in Balsa City.


Scaredy is an anthropomorphic cartoon squirrel. He is usually a responsible squirrel who is obsessed with being clean. He wears three types of clothing; his work uniform, jacket which he casually wears and his regular shirt. He is outlined in black. He got an orange and bright orange head with two small ears. He got a tuft of fur on top of it, skinny torso and legs. He got an orange and bright orange tail. He is usually seen with a cheeky smile on his face.


  • Scaredy appears in the Scaredy Squirrel's Safety Corner shorts which plays on the regular safety lessons taught to teens.
  • Scaredy fears Sally who got a love obsession with him.
  • Scaredy got a cleaning OCD as shown in an episode called Camp or Consequences.
  • Scaredy's sidekick is David.


  • "Stacktastic!"
  • "Dave!"