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Scaredy Squirrel's Safety Corner (better known as just Safety Corner) is a short safety message at the end of certain segments from the series called Scaredy Squirrel. In this part of each episode, Scaredy and his friend named David talk with the viewer about safety. When the series aired on Cartoon Network in the United States, the messages are cut out at the end of the segment. Also, those messages are left unedited when the series aired on the Canadian channel called YTV.



Scaredy Squirrel's Safety Corner K.I.T.E.S

This is a Safety Corner short from the episode called Who's Your Paddy

Every Safety Corner short starts with the poster that is drawn by Scaredy and David sprawled on the screen. He sings to a viewer "Scaredy Squirrel's Safety Corner! Scaredy's in a corner and he's safe".


  • Safety Corner is a play on real safety shorts for teens.