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Sally kissing Scaredy in "Acting Silly"

Sally as she looks in the show.

Sally Killer-Fish-Lips is a fish that has a love obssession over Scaredy Squirrel. Apparently she thinks they will make a good couple, but Scaredy doesn't return the feelings. Her first appearance was in Snerd Envy.


Sally is a hefty killer fish with yellow hair and a dark violet bow in her hair. She apparently shaves for some reason, and she wears a skirt.


Sally is deeply in love with Scaredy, but he doesn't return the favor. She may be a happy-go-lucky girl but is usually seen stalking around Scaredy. Sally could live in the water, as she is a fish. She is goo goo over Scaredy.



  • She has a crazy love of S.N.E.R.Ds, and is actually the president of the S.N.E.R.D Fan Club.
  • She may be most likely modeled after bass fish.
  • In one episode, which is "Life Saver", she beats Dave up.
  • Sally maybe similar to Sue because of how she acts insane sometimes.
  • It is revealed in "Looking for Richard", that her "blonde hair" is actually a wig.