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"Fistful of Quarters" is the second segment in the first episode of the first season of Scaredy Squirrel.


Scaredy helps Dave find the perfect job when he runs out of quarters for his fire truck.


The Episode Starts off where Dave was riding his favorite firetruck "Bertha" while Scaredy was Stacking toilet paper. Dave then was missing quarters after looking in his pants and that there's nothing he can do so he ran home not noticing Scaredy holding the quarter.

At Dave's home, Dave kept searching for quarters but after he heard Scaredy said "save" he knew where it was. After finding it, he broke the sharped piggy bank. he found a note saying "remember to get more quarters". Dave stopped and screamed defeatedly. Then told Scaredy "what am I gonna do without her?" given Dave some memories as a kid. Scaredy Calmed him down and told that Tomorrow that it will be fine.

Tomorrow Morning Scaredy saw Buck, taking a little privacy in the toilet that has toilet paper while Dave came and was excited that the quarters were founded at his House door which he then knew it was Scaredy. Scaredy gave a little lie until Dave hold a paper saying "lift with your knees" he then told it was him but Dave refused to not used Scaredy's money which he thinks it's stealing by thinking it's his guilt. Scaredy then had an idea that he can get a Job that pays quarters.

After looking for multiple Jobs, Scaredy found the last Job called "Professional Caretaking Technician for an esteemed elderly goat". Dave accepted his request. WIP.


  • A Fistful of Dollars - The title is a reference to the film, since both titles have the words, "dollars" and "quarters" in them, which are money.