Scaredy Squirrel Wiki

David "Dave" Skunkerton is the deuteragonist of Scaredy Squirrel.


Dave is a good-natured, very mischievous, and dimwitted skunk. He loves food, adventure, and doing pointless and reckless things.


Dave is a short, blue-and-white-striped skunk. He has a pink nose, a white underbelly, and pale blue tufts and eyebrows. He typically wears an orange vest with a light orange undershirt.

Counterparts for being dimwitted:

Patrick (Spongebob squarepants)

Lucy (We Bare Bears)

Carmen (Let's Go Luna)


  • Dave's a Gemini.
  • Lazlo from Camp Lazlo, Rocko from Rocko's Modern Life, Carmen Mariposa from Let's Go Luna and Fidget from Frog in A Suit / Were-Skunk from Regular Show
  • Looks Like Kratz from Harvey Beaks and Rick and Morty episode ''Total Rickall''